Monday, June 8, 2015


Sprink has been released for iOS and PC!

As spring awakens from a long winter's rest, Sprink awakes and begins a journey to find a sunflower! Ascend skyward through the seasons, to the stars!

Sprink is a heartwarming, family-friendly platform jumping game about rebirth, working towards your goals, and picking yourself up again when you fall - with a little help from your friends. Enjoy!

In April, I did a month-long game jam on a forum of a friend of mine ( - Laura Shigihara, composer for Plants vs. Zombies, game developer and all-around awesome person).  The theme for the game jam was "Spring" - so, of course, the game starts with the story of a spring awakening in the spring.

I had a lot of fun making this game.  It was difficult to get everything scheduled and done in one month, as I not only had to code the game, but also do all of the artwork, music, menus, and probably a dozen other things I have forgotten about.

The last month has been spent fixing up things for iOS, and waiting for approval on the App Store.

Overall, it went quite smoothly.  The game is fairly short, but there is a lot of heart put into it, and you can replay it a lot to try to beat your high score.  :)


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