Monday, January 13, 2014

Back Into the Fray

Today was back into coding land a little bit.

Mostly it has just been cleaning up the way I'm managing the UI for characters.  Since I actually have proper game assets now (yay) I discovered that the way I was handling multiple facial expressions to be a bit lacking.

This also led to some changes to the component system, allowing me to "include" an external text file for individual component definitions.  This was prompted by not wanting to duplicate the layout for the UI into every level file.

So, between those things, and the inevitable bugs from taking everything apart and putting it back together again, the day is pretty much done.

I have also clearly not been practicing the guitar enough.  I seem to practice in one or two week stretches and get back to the point where my hand doesn't feel like it's going to fall off after playing power chords for 20 minutes... and then promptly take a month off from playing and go back to square one again.

Back to it then...

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