Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weak Parent

Blogging on the go today.  Typing a whole post with the iPhone keyboard is far from fun, but not much choice today.

Today started with a little modeling work. There were a couple "vents" on one of my spacecraft I wasn't too keen about.  I'm still not liking it too much, but it's better.  I'll probably have another go at it tomorrow and maybe get an image up.

Most of the rest of the day was trying to get everything in place to allow proper level transitions.  It's about time to rough in all of the planned levels, but currently things are a bit debuggish and I can't currently chain level loads.

I also put in a new "weak parent" component that basically just copies the transform of one game object to or from another.  After parenting the game camera to the ship, I discovered that the game stops rendering when the player ship explodes because the camera goes with it as the child of the ship.  I suppose you can debate whether this is a good arrangement, or if children should just be reparented.  This way makes a little more sense to me, and adding reparenting as a separate operation from destruction would work fine.

So, busy day, working towards getting levels roughed in.  More of the same tomorrow.

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