Thursday, December 19, 2013


OK, I've been slacking on daily updates again.  :)

There hasn't been a lot of bloggable stuff going on, though.  I've mostly been focusing on greyblocking all of the levels and putting dialog in.

I made a few additions to the level editor to support some of the things I was doing.  I added clone/duplicate to the editor, which has made placing multiple objects a lot easier.  This was pretty easy to do because cloning is basically an inherent feature in the game object / component system.

There are still some changes that I need to make there.  Most importantly, I need a better way to select objects.  The mouse clicking actually works OK right now, except I'm not displaying bounding boxes for everything, so sometimes it's hard to know what you're clicking on. 

Overlapping objects are a bit of a pain.  What I ended up doing was, when you click on multiple overlapping objects, you select the one with the smallest bounding box.  Most of the time this actually seems to do what you expect.

Some bounding boxes overlap completely, though.  Worse, some objects really don't have a bounding box because they're either points or just stuff in the scene that's doing stuff that doesn't really exist at a specific location in space (such as the main music track).  These all just kind of overlap at the origin.

My UI controls are kind of in a state of brokenness.  I suppose I should just fix them, then I can choose from a list of objects.  I had started work on a tree view, but didn't get it finished yet.  Or I can do the hacker thing and put in next/prev object keys.

Sounds like I have code to write, yay! :)  I like doing level design and dialog, but it doesn't flow as easily as code.

Oh, and after nine years of purposefully avoiding it, World of Warcraft has finally got its hooks into me.  So far it's only cutting into lunch and overtime hours.  :)


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