Friday, November 22, 2013

Extra Dimensions

Music AND art day today.  Oh my.

What I learned today:  My non-artist brain likes to think of hair as strands.  This is not at all helpful when trying to make a rough pencil sketch, where you really just want to trace the outline and overlaps. 

Most of the day was spent composing "Hyperspace," a high energy little tune for those times when you are hurtling though extra-dimensional space with reckless abandon and trying not to die in a giant fireball from an asteroid collision.  Seriously, we've all been there.

It's coming along.  I have a few of the basic bits worked out, though there's quite a bit to go, and I'm not "feeling the love" yet.  The main problem with trying to compose a specific song for a specific purpose is that if it's not working, you're still kind of committed.  I start a lot of pieces, but only a handful ever get finished because they'll have one cool riff that just doesn't go anywhere.  We'll see how it goes, hopefully I don't have to reboot it.  :)

The other thing of note is that my giant snare from yesterday is probably a bit airy for something that wouldn't sound too out of place coming from Symphony X or Metallica, so that might need some work.  We'll save that for some heavy, plodding, real-space themed song.  :)

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