Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fail, Fail, Fail

OK, busy day.  Productive, maybe not so much, but busy.

First, I was playing around in GIMP trying to figure out why I Can't Draw.  Today's discovery:  I can draw horizontal lines relatively well.  Just drawing over the same horizontal line has a very tolerable margin of error.  I can't draw vertical lines at all.  They're not straight, and trying to draw over the same line has like 1000% error.  Minimum.  Tracing circles is interesting too.  There are certain quadrants that I can trace very accurately.  Then I get to, primarily, the lower right quadrant and my pen wobbles all over the place, no matter how slowly or careful I'm trying to be.  This requires more study, because I can't yet detect the subtlety that is causing thing to go wrong.

Then, the wind knocked the power out.  Not helping.  Then I even briefly lost contact with the cell phone network.  Seriously, I nearly started sharpening sticks to go hunt wooly mammoths during this brush with the stone age.

Fortunately this brush with abject terror only lasted about 90 minutes, but the UPS couldn't handle it and my Linux uptime is ruined.

Next, time to do some actual work.  :)  I started working on some language features to make object spawn scripting work better.  Primarily this involved adding some coroutine support so I can make a timed event wait for that time to arrive.  The system works more or less fine for sequencing things without this, but it's hard to get things to trigger only once.

I'm still debating how I want to do certain things.  On one hand, it would be nice to spawn a specific object at a specific place at a specific time with specific AI.  On the other, pseudo-randomly generating an entire level has a certain appeal.  Unfortunately, the latter has had me stalled for much too long and it's time to press on.

The idea was for this first game to fail quickly while I built up technology, so I could make the second a success.  It's not failing quickly enough... or, something.

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