Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Title Goes Here

Sometimes, figuring out a clever title for the blog post is the hardest part.  Yesterday's drawing failure, power failure and failure to fail made for a fairly obvious choice though.  :)

Then there are days like today that just devolve into a bug hunt and "oh I didn't implement that yet did I" moments.

I can at least sequence object spawning from a script now.

Other things on today's menu included trying to coax a good heavy metal drum kit out of Native Instruments' Studio Drummer.  I had a kit set up with another plugin that I really liked, but it tends to lose its settings and otherwise behave badly.  The drums in Studio Drummer sound really, really nice, but they're a little subdued for what I was going for.  I'm sure it can be fixed with the proper application of EQ, compression and reverb, but it's going to take some work.

So, now that I'm able to spawn an object, I discovered... I really need to figure out my enemy design.  :)  I'm trying to figure out a basic "building block" piece that can be duplicated assembled into multiple different structures.  I haven't quite figured out exactly what that shape is yet.

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