Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bug Day

Productivity today has been, shall we say, sub-optimal.

I made some progress on getting the "frame of reference" for the game to follow waypoints through the world.  The real trick has been getting the rest of the game to respect that frame of reference, especially the physics.  This also exposed a few bugs with the model / game object transform synchronization, particularly how that works in a hierarchy of game objects.

However, between illness, medication, telemarketers, family interruptions, lightning storms and power flickering out, today has not been a good day for concentrating on work.

It has, however, been a relatively good day for zoning out on YouTube.  Here, have some Muppets:


  1. These days happen. What matters is just getting back on the saddle the next day. :)

  2. Today so far:
    -dropped kids off at school
    -small breakfast
    -4 hour nap on couch

    Not exactly back in the saddle... :)


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