Friday, September 20, 2013

The Monte Carlo Algorithm Applied To Game Development

One of the interesting things about being the only person on a project is that everything that might need to be done is your responsibility.  There is no one to pick up the slack, and nothing gets done unless you do it yourself.

I occasionally wonder if my shotgun approach to game development is going to work out.  In case you haven't noticed, I tend to work on a lot of different things from day to day.  Sometimes it feels unfocused, but I'm basically working on the assumption that, as long as what I'm doing needed to be done at some point, it doesn't really matter.  Additionally, if I'm interested or excited by what I'm working on, it will turn out better and faster.  And I'll be happier, which is kind of the point of this endeavor.

So, today ended up being a modeling day.  I did a little bit of script/dialog for the first level, but that was going slowly.  After learning quite a bit about modeling on my latest ship, I decided to revisit my old fighter model (see first post ever) and clean it up a bit.

I actually enjoy 3D modeling.  I really can't draw, but I seem to be OK at making models.  Texturing is kind if fun too, though I'm currently kind of hit-and-miss on that front.

Anyway, the point was, I think having a lot of things to work on at once is a good thing, because if you get stuck, or bored, there is always something else productive you can be doing.  I have had jobs before where I needed to work on a very narrow area, and if you run into a roadblock, nothing gets done. 

Weekend time - not sure if I'm getting a weekend edition out, I don't have any topic in mind yet.  We'll see, have a good one!

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