Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In the Pipeline

Somehow, today turned into pipeline day.

After putting normal maps on an object, I realized that my texture support in the art pipeline was severely lacking.

Currently, the art pipeline looks like this:

  • Blender is used to create the asset
  • Export to COLLADA format (.dae)
  • Asset compiler (custom tool)
    • Using Assimp to import the data
    • Convert textures for target platform
    • Generate shaders for target platform
    • Write it to a custom game data format
  • Import it into the game
The code for generating shaders with normal maps was somewhat incomplete (translation: not started) and the code for binding textures to shader parameters was pretty dodgy (translation: only supported one texture).
This is much improved, though I'm still working on binding the textures to the shaders.  Hopefully I'll get that working tomorrow and maybe finally get back to, you know, making the game part of the game.

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