Monday, September 30, 2013

Today I... ooh, something shiny on Twitter!

Off to a very slow start today.

I started off with a little dialog cleanup today.  I have never really done very much character dialog and I'm not really sure if what I'm writing is any good, so I keep making revisions.  I'm my own worst critic (at least, I hope I'm my own worst critic, or I'm going to get utterly roasted alive) so it's difficult to leave dialog in place for more than a day before I decide that it's utter crap and needs to be revised.  Some of the revision is certainly good, helping to clarify things that are clearly not clear, but some of it is probably arbitrary.

So, escaping that cycle for a moment, I started working on a tree view control so I can actually see the node graph of all of the components I have loaded, and eventually tie that into the ability to edit data in an attribute file.  To some extent, it's mostly just piecing together bits of other controls that I already have.  The main problem at the moment is that it's fairly easy to specify a hierarchy of controls from an attribute file, but that is static, and I need a "pleasant" way to generate a control set from more dynamic data.

I also realized that having a simple "scroll box" would be useful (basically a control that automatically puts up scroll bars if the size of its contents exceeds the size of the control) and did some work to split that out from the few controls that duplicate this behavior.

That actually sounds like I did a lot more than I think I did...  now, if I could write a Python script to turn blog posts directly into C++ code, maybe I'd be getting somewhere...

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