Monday, October 7, 2013

Apparently I Still Remember How To Write Code

Back to coding again.  And just when modeling was getting fun.

Most of the day has been spent doing level-editor type things.  Mostly looking at ray/AABB intersection tests so I can figure out what I'm clicking on... though now that I'm writing this, I realize it probably makes more sense to project the AABB into screen space and do the test there (see, it pays to blog this stuff).

I spent part of the day decluttering my render library API.  I had added a bunch of "draw" functions in the main render class - things for drawing lines, circles, rectangles, boxes, etc.  This also involved loading a couple default shaders, creating the various vertex and index buffers for these objects, and a bunch of default textures.

That's all good and useful stuff, but really the base render class really has a single purpose:  translate application render calls to hardware API calls.  That mostly consists of setting render targets, vertex declarations, vertex streams and index buffers, and actually drawing primitives.  Since all of that "draw" stuff was taking up over half of the file, it was time for a split.

The change was actually pretty straightforward.  The draw functions really just use the application API and aren't hardware specific at all.  It was mostly a matter of making them call various functions in the other class instead of "this," and then patch up several places in the game code to use the new class rather than the main render API.  This took a lot less time than expected.

This cleaned up a few things too.  The virtual coordinate system stuff I was doing was kind of getting mingled into the print function.  With this change, the main API keeps a very base level of functionality - it just prints what it's told - and the "draw" API has its own print function that can scale for different resolutions before calling the low-level function.

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