Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seeing Through Time and Face

This morning I thought to myself, "If you start modeling, you know you're just going to spend all day doing it."

If only I could turn this future-telling prowess into money...

Despite the lack of meaningful level development, I might be getting better at the face modeling thing.  Having no artistic background at all is making for a steep learning curve.  Really,  I think I'm nearly face-blind.  But now, after studying facial details for two days, just going out to the store has been weird.  I keep seeing faces as collections of features rather than just generic facial blobs.

I think this is the best part of being an indie developer - learning new stuff that blows your mind.  :)

(I also took a look at 3D-Coat.  Apparently they have taken some lessons from Blender in interface incomprehensibilty.  Looks neat, but I'm not sure the 30 day trial is going to be enough to get it figured out...)

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