Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late post

Somehow I keep missing my blog schedule.  :)

There has been so much stuff going on, not all work related.  I have pretty much been focused on level editing and content creation, while patching up and improving the editor.

I finally ended up doing what I suggested a while ago, and am loading the "root" level attribute file in and editing the text directly in the level editor.  This works pretty well for item placement and nav point editing.  It took a lot of tweaking things to get it working well, but it cleaned up a bunch of code.  I made improvements to the base class for game objects and components to allow for identification by type or unique string ID, and added insertion functionality into my queue container, which I seem to have neglected to do previously. 

I spent a bit of time putting together a small piano piece for the introduction.  That actually turned out OK and went into the game pretty easily.  Then I got sucked into playing around with music software and didn't get a whole lot more done.

Next up, I may look at putting a Bezier curve editor in, and adding editor functionality for some other existing components.  Mostly I'm focused on level layout and navigation though.

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