Monday, October 28, 2013


Lots of little things going on today.

Some cleanup of the level editor interface.  I'm still working on figuring out exactly what the "template code" (not actually using templates) should look like as far as handling input and object selection.  I decided on having the actual editing be a different mode from selection, as there is typically all sorts of stuff overlapping on the screen and it's too easy to select a different object when you're trying to move, say, a control point on a Bezier curve.

Which leads to, yes, I got a Bezier curve editor of a fashion up and running.  It looks like it will work well for plotting paths in 2D, though it's not currently suited to doing something like camera animation.  As just a curve in space, you can get a point, and a tangent/direction, but a camera needs to be able to have a clearer sense of "up" and can be rotated differently from its direction of motion.

I current have a nav point component, which basically uses physics calculations to "fly" a ship to a particular point.  This works tolerably well, and is good for starting from an arbitrary location, but for flying a fixed path through a level, it's a bit much.  Plus it's a bit flaky when arriving at a target - I have an approach vector specified, but it's not used properly yet, and overshooting the target causes frantic turns to compensate.  :)  It's good, but needs some work still.

So, that's in progress.  Then I fiddled around with generating some sound effects for various events, and possibly some ambient sounds.  I have the Native Instruments Komplete 9 package, which has a TON of stuff, all though it's not really geared for sound effects.  The Massive synth actually seemed pretty easy to use for building some generic FM sounds, and the Evolve Mutations packages have a lot of cool stuff in them.  The Giant piano also has some really cool piano noises, though I having exactly found a good place to use them yet.

So, decent start to the week.  Hopefully I can mostly focus on laying down objects and paths this week.

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