Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bug Day

I picked up an inexpensive graphics tablet to give it a try.  I was starting to feel the limitations of using just a mouse - touch sensitivity is pretty nice!  Things have come a long way since the last time I tried anything that resembled a tablet.  :)

After spending some time getting acquainted and configuring a few applications to cooperate, it was time to get down to some programming again.

At which point I ran headlong into stupid pipeline problems.  Again. 

It seems that the way I'm exporting model data doesn't really allow for having multiple "root" objects.  This is a little bit important because of various other stupid limitations of Blender/Bullet that require independent rigid bodies to be parented to nothing at all (not even an empty transform), otherwise they just become a single physics object.  >Headache<

All of this makes arranging a scene tree in a sensible fashion pretty much impossible.  There are ways to work around it in Blender, but they don't export properly.  >Headache<

I can modify my asset compiler to handle multiple root objects at least.  Going to be a long day...

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